Frequently asked questions

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Can I paint my new fence straightaway?

We recommend you wait at least a year after installation to paint your new fence. This is because the timber comes pre-pressure treated, meaning it will dry out quicker. This runs the risk of gaps forming in your new fence, so the longer you wait before painting, the better.

How deep will my new fence posts go into the ground?

All our posts are dug into the ground a minimum of 2ft deep, to ensure your fence has a stable base.

What is the maximum height I can go without planning permission?

2 metres is the maximum height you can go with your fence posts without requiring planning permission from your local council.

Do you recycle your fences following the removal process?

We at MD Fencing make it a priority to recycle all of our fence posts, so you can rest assured that selecting our services is an environmentally conscious choice.